How big are quartz countertop slabs


When it comes to countertops, we have to think of kitchen countertops, which are the most used countertops. There are different types of materials used for kitchen countertops, such as marble countertops and quartz stone countertops. Due to the special environment of the kitchen and bathroom, if you use ordinary quality wooden countertops, it is likely to be deformed in a humid environment. Serious It will even corrode the wooden material, so that the countertop cannot be used. Often people choose strong and super moisture-resistant quartz stone as the countertop of cabinets or bathroom cabinets. These can be used as kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops. But many people don't know how big the countertop should be. Now let's talk about How big are quartz countertop slabs?


How big are quartz countertop slabs


Quartz stone contains 90% quartz stone crystals, some resin materials and trace elements. When these materials are combined together, quartz stone is formed. It is as wear-resistant as artificial stone. The advantage of using quartz stone countertops is that no matter how harsh the environment is, the quartz stone countertops will not deform or become dirty.


How big are quartz countertop slabs?


It all works perfectly fine. There are many brands of quartz stone countertops on the market now, but all brands of quartz stone countertops have standard sizes. Usually there are 3000*1200MM, 3000*1400MM, 3000*1500MM, and the thickness of quartz stone is generally 1.2cm to 3cm. The weight of quartz stone is relatively heavy. Usually, it is better to choose a thickness of 2cM. The thickness is moderate, and the quality is not the heaviest. The thicker the quartz stone countertop is, the better. will be easily deformed. When installing quartz stone countertops, some back strips will be added to the cabinet table to prevent the deformation of the quartz stone countertop.


The hardness of quartz stone is very high, and the surface hardness of the countertop can reach 7. Any tableware in the kitchen will not damage the countertop. Its manufacturing environment must be under vacuum conditions, so that the manufactured quartz stone countertop is the strongest. And it has a good barrier effect on acid alkali. Although quartz stone countertops are more convenient to use, daily maintenance should also be paid attention to. Quartz stone countertops will last longer if they are well maintained.


How big are quartz countertop slabs


The above is the size of the quartz stone countertop. If you want to have a quartz stone countertop that meets your own size, you can ask the quartz stone manufacturer to customize it for you.