How much do quartz countertops cost per square foot? Is it expensive?


When decorating, you must choose quartz slab countertops when it comes to cabinet customization. In fact, one of the reasons why cabinet customization is more expensive is that the cost of quartz stone is relatively high. If this cost can be reduced, the overall quotation of cabinets is actually not high, so what is the specific price per square foot of quartz countertops? Regarding the purchase of quartz stone, can it be purchased separately and then processed into finished products?


How much does quartz countertop cost


Let's talk about the price per square foot of normal quartz countertops in the market! Note that the price here is per square foot, not per square meter, and there is a difference in this quotation. According to the advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone and different workmanship, the quotation per square foot is about 100 yuan to 500 yuan. If it is converted into per square meter for calculation, it is about 600 yuan to 1,500 yuan. between. However, this is a normal market quotation. If you contact the manufacturer to purchase directly, then there will be a discount in terms of budget, basically about 30% discount.


Seeing this, do you know about the quotation of the price per square foot of quartz countertops? In fact, regarding the purchase price and purchase channel of quartz stone, as long as the choice is correct, then the quotation can be reasonably controlled and arranged. Also, when purchasing, if you contact the manufacturer to purchase, many Carrara Quartz Slab manufacturers can not only provide sales and purchase of quartz stone, but also provide corresponding cabinet processing and other cabinet processing. This depends on the communication between you and the manufacturer. How to choose. In addition, many manufacturers have their own official channels, so when purchasing, you can directly contact the manufacturer through online official channels or place an order directly, which is definitely more convenient than offline channels. And if you need to compare prices, online comparison of the price per square foot of quartz countertops does not require too much cost and does not take too much time, which is relatively more convenient and more efficient.