How much does marble slab pay


As a friend who is going to look for marble for decoration, the price of marble is undoubtedly one of the most concerned issues for everyone. Marble slabs and quartz slabs are more building materials used in building decoration. Its price is relatively affordable, and marble itself has many advantages, so it is loved by many customers and friends. But for some people who have never used marble, they still want to know the price of marble. Now MINGSHANG Artificial marble manufacturers will answer this question for you.


how much does marble slab pay


How much does marble slab pay?


The price of marble slabs will vary depending on the brand and production process. There are many varieties of marble slabs on the market today, they are rich in color and have different thicknesses. The prices of marble slabs of different materials are also different, and the price is generally between 50-500 US dollars per square meter.


The marble sold by companies with big brands is also expensive, and the price will be very high, more than 500 per square meter. The production technology of big brands is also relatively high, and it takes more time, so the price is naturally high, but such a high price is not popular with customers. accepted.


Therefore, many people will choose manufacturers with better production technology to buy marble slabs. Although they are not very famous, marble manufacturers like MINGSHANG have more than 20 years of experience in artificial marble manufacturing, and their experience in marble grinding and polishing is excellent. There are a lot of export products of different models and styles, the price is between US$50 and US$200 per square meter, and the product business is quite mature.


MINGSHANG can produce various styles of marble that are currently popular, and the price is very affordable, which is favored by many European and American customers.


Generally speaking, when buying marble slabs, we try our best to determine the price based on the production process, so that we can buy high-quality marble slabs that look as good as big brands but are very low in price.