How much is a slab of quartz


The use of stone in home decoration is very extensive. In the past, people used it to decorate the ground and furniture, but now it is widely used on countertops and walls. Stone is not a simple material, and different types of materials are different. Quartz stone is one of them. Maybe many people are not very clear about the material of quartz stone slab, especially if they want to know the price of quartz stone. Now we will introduce the price of quartz stone.


How much is a slab of quartz


How much is a slab of quartz?


1. The production process requirements of quartz stone countertops are very high, and due to the different materials, the price fluctuates greatly, as low as 100 or 200 yuan per square meter, and as high as several thousand yuan per square meter. The genuine quartz stone is at least 1000 yuan per square meter. meters or more. Generally speaking, the quartz stones currently on the market are divided into domestic and imported ones. Imported quartz stones cost thousands of dollars per linear meter. The materials must be different, and they are divided into grades and grades. You must be aware of them when purchasing.


2. It is worth noting that the price of 180 yuan per meter or more than 200 yuan per meter must be artificial granite. The appearance of artificial granite is very similar to quartz stone, but its hardness and oil leakage are poor, and it is not environmentally friendly and toxic. The big difference in the price of quartz stone is mainly due to the environmental protection performance and the size of the die-casting machine. Imported Saili stone and Caesar gold stone are unmatched by domestic quartz stone in terms of environmental protection. There are also many domestic quartz stones that cannot be produced in terms of color. Domestic quartz stone The big price difference is also due to the different production equipment used for die-casting quartz stone.


3. There are also some brands of quartz stone countertop prices: the price of Saikailong quartz stone countertops is 2380 yuan/m; the price of Warner quartz stone cabinet countertops is 899 yuan/m; the price of Huaxun quartz stone countertops is 890 yuan/m; The price of stone countertops is 1,680 yuan/m; the price of Spanish Selite quartz stone countertops is 1,990 yuan/m. These brands of quartz stone are still relatively expensive in price. much is a slab of quartz? The price of the real pressed quartz stone ranges from more than 500 per meter to more than 1300 per meter for domestically produced ones. The one-color ones are cheaper, and the two-color, multi-color and three-color ones are more expensive. Imports range from more than 1500-3000.


How much is a slab of quartz


Generally speaking, as long as you choose a regular brand of quartz stone manufacturer, it is all right. The price of imported stone is relatively expensive, and now the domestic high-quality products are almost the same as imported products in terms of craftsmanship. In addition to examining the content of quartz sand, it is recommended that you also consider the purity of quartz sand, the grade of resin, and the safety of pigments. Only in this way can we know the different prices of different materials of quartz stone. If you want to know more about quartz stone, please contact MINGSHANG, which is a professional manufacturer of Calacatta Quartz Slab with more than 20 years of experience and is trustworthy.