How to hone marble


Marble is often used in architectural decoration, especially for laying marble on the ground. Marble not only does not deform, but also has the advantages of high hardness and strong wear resistance. It is because of so many advantages that it is widely used. Marble also needs to be processed and polished to become smooth before use. If the marble is used for a long time, it also needs to be polished and polished to be smooth. So, how to hone marble?


How to hone marble


How to polish marble?


1). Treatment of stone stains


First of all, before polishing, we need to clean the surface of the marble. Generally, the marble loses its luster, and the stains on these surfaces are also one of the reasons. After these stains are cleaned, the marble can be polished better.


2).Dry grinding


After a simple cleanup, we can proceed to sanding. At the beginning, we have to do dry grinding. The purpose of dry grinding is to peel the marble, remove the damaged and stained things on the marble surface, and at the same time, it can also grind the pores of the stone.


3).Cutting and caulking


In order to ensure that the marble surface is very beautiful, we need to cut and fill the joints. This step is very important. The simplest method is to repair the glue, which can achieve a good aesthetic effect.


4).Simple polishing


Wet the marble surface, pour the treated stone cleaning agent into the washing machine, and then we will polish the marble surface. When polishing, we should pay attention to the sequence, and polish it in a straight line from front to back, so as to avoid some omissions. place.


5). Surface crystallization


After polishing, we need to make a layer of protection for the marble to prevent some stains from entering the stone. We can use a crystal face machine with some detergent powder to protect the surface of the marble. Doing so can not only prevent stains and scratches, but also improve the brightness of the stone.


6). Waxing


After the marble surface is protected, we have to wax it. Waxing can effectively improve the brightness of the marble and effectively protect the marble surface. Generally, it can last for three months after waxing.


How to hone marble


Precautions for marble polishing:


1). The surface of the marble must be cleaned before polishing. If there are some gaps on the marble surface, it needs to be repaired with glue. Grinding and polishing can only be carried out after the glue is filled.


2). In the process of marble polishing, it is also necessary to splice the pictures according to the lines and adjust the colors to restore the original pattern and color of the marble.


3). In the process of Artificial Marble polishing, it is also necessary to splice the drawings according to the lines and adjust the colors to restore the original pattern and color of the marble. There are also many divisions for grinding, which can be done by fine grinding or water grinding. At the beginning, it has to go through coarse grinding, and then it can be finely ground, so that the pattern and color of the marble surface can be displayed, and finally the surface will be finer and more glossy.