How to refinish a terrazzo floor? How do we do this?


Terrazzo flooring has the characteristics of high brightness, aging resistance, health and pollution-free, especially high hardness and high wear resistance. However, during the use of terrazzo flooring, it is inevitable that various problems such as damage or cracks will occur due to various reasons. In this case, it is necessary to know how to repair the terrazzo floor and repair it in the correct way, so that the terrazzo floor can be restored. As a result, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following issues.


terrazzo floor


1. If the terrazzo floor cracks and you want to repair it, you must know how to clean the terrazzo floor and repair it in the correct way, so as to avoid secondary damage to the terrazzo floor. If the terrazzo floor is damaged, the area is relatively small, and the listed problem is not very serious, you can directly use marble glue to fill it, clean up the cracked position, including the dust in the gaps, and then inject marble glue to fill the repair agent. Wait until it is dry before polishing and polishing, and then waxing and maintenance can have a repairing effect.


2. If the cracked area of the terrazzo floor is relatively large and the problem is serious, it usually needs to be poured again, and the cost may be slightly higher. Re-pour concrete, and then harden the floor with terrazzo, which can solve the problem of relatively large damage and cracking. After the pouring project is completed, it needs to be polished with a polishing agent, so that the purpose of repair can be achieved, and the post-maintenance is relatively simple. This technique not only achieves perfect restoration results, but also avoids serious problems.


There are many reasons for the cracking of terrazzo flooring in life, such as uneven ground or temperature effects, and the construction process cannot meet the requirements, etc., which will lead to cracking problems during use. Once the cracking problem occurs, it must be detected and dealt with early, otherwise the problem will become more and more serious. It is necessary to understand how to clean the terrazzo floor in order to repair it in the correct way.