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China MINGSHANG is a leading supplier of cost-effective artificial marble white work tables, offering a wide range of artificial marble white work table products to meet your unique needs. Quartz Stone is widely used for countertops, kitchen tops, vanity tops, table tops, kitchen island tops, shower stalls, bench tops, bar tops, walls, floors etc. Everything is customizable. Please contact us!

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China artificial marble Manufacturers

China High Density artificial marble suppliers

China High Density artificial marble factory


1.Introduction to High Density artificial marble work table(MG616)


With the development of modern construction, the requirements of light weight, high strength, beauty and variety of decorative materials have been put forward. Artificial veneer stone appears in this situation. It is light in weight, high in strength, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, convenient in construction, and the pattern can be controlled manually. It is an ideal decorative material for modern buildings.


High Density artificial marble


Artificial marble is processed by imitating the surface texture of marble, with similar mechanism characteristics of marble, and the pattern can be controlled and determined by the designer, with good reproducibility. In addition, artificial marble is anti-pollution, has good machinability, can be made into curved, curved and other shapes, and is convenient for construction.


Marble furniture not only has extremely high requirements on the sturdiness and environmental protection of the board, but also strictly controls the radioactivity of the stone. For a long time, people mistakenly believe that marble and furniture will have radiation, and it is inevitable to have some concerns when purchasing. In fact, the natural marble coffee table and artificial marble coffee table sold on the market have no radiation, and it is impossible for large marble with radiation to be manufactured as a coffee table and sold in the market, because this is a very simple matter of basic common sense, because marble is exposed every day. The only thing is the manufacturers and sellers. Smart and transparent merchants will not want money or death, and the rumor of marble coffee table radiation was clarified as early as 2013. The China Stone Association released a white paper that clearly stated the safety of marble.


2.Application of artificial marble white work table


Artificial marble is suitable for use in some harsh environments, such as kitchens, toilets, etc. Because the texture is relatively fake, it is rarely used for decorative projects in decoration.


When purchasing artificial marble, it is best to take a sample for harshness tests, such as pouring soy sauce or oil stains, and conducting abrasion tests.


To sum up, which one to choose depends on the different uses and personal economic ability. If the economic conditions are good, then choose natural marble.


3.Company Profile


China MINGSHANG Quartz Stone Factory is a professional cost-effective artificial marble white work table suppliers, manufacturers, Wholesale artificial marble,choose MINGSHANG, it is an ISO certified manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience and exported to dozens of countries and region. We are your better choice, our products have the following advantages: low price, fashion, newest, advanced, easy-maintainable, sufficient stock.


The company produces granite, quartz stone, terrazzo series products, has more than 400 fancy varieties, of which more than 20 varieties have obtained "national patents". Products are widely used in real estate, star-rated hotels, hotels, commercial buildings, office buildings, ports, airports, stations, subways and other large-scale projects.


The company's products are strictly managed from product research and development, raw material screening, block forming, sawing, grinding, polishing and other processes, and strive for perfection. The performance indicators of the products have been tested and identified by the national authoritative departments, and fully meet the AQSIQ standards for stone radiation class A , the scope of use is not limited.


Customized High Density artificial marble, China MINGSHANG Quartz Stone Factory is your ideal choice, this is a professional wholesale Customized High Density artificial marble, our products are not only good quality, but also cheap, support wholesale customization, large quantity The range of discount is larger, and we have in-depth cooperation with many domestic and foreign customers and friends. We can provide you with free samples and product price lists. Welcome to contact us for more product-related questions.



1). Is it possible to do OEM ?

Yes,we can offer OEM service by printing customers' Logo or company name on the back/side of quartz stone slabs.


2). What is your MOQ?

For regular sizes:30 slabs.

Customize size: one container.


3). What is your delivery time?

About 15-30 days after receive 30% deposit.


4). What is your payment terms?

T/T.30% deposit before processing,70% before container loading.


5). What is your loading port?

The nearest port is YUNFU port,and we can ship via Shenzhen or Guangzhou Port,China as well.

China artificial marble white work surface suppliers

China artificial marble white work table suppliers

cost-effective artificial marble white work surface factory

Artificial marble white work surface suppliers

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